Delve Too Deep File XX: The Miskatonic Museum (Campaign Part III)

*Warning. This article contains spoilers for of The Miskatonic Museum. If you do not wish to be spoiled at all, please stop reading. Sorry!*

After failing to find either Professor Rice or Professor Morgan, Zoey rushed back to Professor Armitage, and counted her blessings to find him still in his office, safe and sound. Seeing her unaccompanied, and somewhat bloodied, Professor Armitage packed up his things quickly and rushed out the door. “We must take these matters into our own hands” he said, determined. Zoey followed him, and the pair headed towards the Miskatonic Museum.


The hour was late, and the museum door was locked. As Zoey debated whether busting the door down would be acceptable, she caught a glimpse of something through a window. As she approached, she tripped and fell down a short ledge, hurting herself somewhat in the process. The commotion drew the attention of a security guard inside, however, and he came to open the front door.

The moment Zoey entered the museum, the door slammed shut behind her, separating her from the professor. The guard tried to open it, but his strength failed him. “Just my luck”, he whined “I wasn’t even supposed to be on tonight!”.

Then she felt it. The thing she had caught a glimpse of through the window, the thing in the darkness, it was slithering in the shadows, waiting to strike. Grabbing her cross firmly, she remembered the task the Lord had appointed her.

“The wicked must be smote, the darkness overcome by light. I arm myself with the sword of the spirit and the shield of faith this night, as I do all others”. With her prayer out the way, she let out a howl of such ferocity that Adam, the security guard, began shaking in his boots.


It was the returning shriek that caused him to almost break down in sheer terror. A massive snakelike being, winged and seemingly made of shadow, emerged from down the hallway, the sounds of desks knocking over and papers flying echoing throughout the empty museum. With gnashing teeth and a horrifying serpentine gaze, Zoey wondered if this being was an embodiment of the serpent of Eden.


Without hesitation, Zoey lunged at the beast, dodging its maw and delivering the rehearsed blows of a warrior into the side of its head. To her surprise, the initial assault proved too much for the being of darkness, and it fled back into the darkness, disappearing from view. The museum was once again completely silent, save for the now heavy breathing of Zoey and the whimpers of Adam.

“What was that thing?” Adam asked, his voice cracking. Zoey wished she had the answer.

Deciding to check out Adam’s office, Zoey froze at the door; blood and entrails covered the room, and she felt her mind racing; her hypochondria had struck again, and she had to take some time to compose herself. By the time she had calmed herself down and found, with the help of Adam, some clues as to where the Necronomicon may be, a mystical barrier had formed around the doorway. Out of seemingly thin air, the shadow beast too reappeared, this time larger than it was previously. Zoey raised her cross again…


Thanks to the physical conditioning she had put herself through, the beast once again fell to the might of her overpowering blows. A gamble with her own safety paid off, and she was able to break one of the chairs in the room over the neck of the creature. It fell to the ground, stunned, but before Zoey could move in for a coup de grace, it disappeared just as easily as it had appeared. With no time to waste, Zoey simply ran through the barrier to the room, her faith and sheer willpower defeating the sorcery of the door, and it vanished.

With no time to waste, Zoey and Adam began rushing about the museum. There was something more too many of the rooms than met the eye, and powerful visions would often assault Zoey as she gazed upon the various strange exhibits. Sometimes, she would even lose track of the time, becoming almost entranced by the wonders…


As Zoey wandered from exhibit to exhibit, she noticed a trail of blood leading into another room. Following it, it was soon accompanied by entrails, and then the savaged corpse of a man on the floor of a section labelled “Restricted”.

“That’s Harold Walsted!” said Adem, his voice now in a permanently cracked state. “Oh good heavens. That monster must have gotten to him! It’s going to get us too, isn’t it?”

As if in cue, the beast once again made an appearence. What was once simply a large shadowy serpent was now almost a beast of legendary proportions. It was no longer clear where the shadows started and the serpent began; it was almost as if  all the darkness in the room had merged to form the foe now in front of her. With no weapons but her hands, Zoey clenched them into fists and prepared to do battle, as the darkness engulfed the room.


As skilled as Zoey was, it felt as though there were powerful forces against her, not unlike those she felt when she was at the Clover Club. Whatever mystical evils had tried to interfere with her there were present here too. The monster lashed at her, opening up large gashes across her stomach and along her cheek. As Adam whimpered in the corner, wailing as a young child might, Zoey continued to throw herself in harms way to protect him. She couldn’t take much more of this. Could it be that the darkness was to overcome the light?

Just as doubt began to fill her mind, she heard a large slam and the cocking of a gun. “We’re coming, Zoey”, the familiar voice of Professor Armitage shouted down the hallway. Deliverance, as always. How could she ever doubt?

The voices proved a distraction, however, and Zoey was soon pinned to the ground, the shadowy fangs of the beast coming straight at her. With all her might, she held back the creature’s maw from devouring her, ignoring the pain from her wounds all over. Just as it felt she was going to give in, a gunshot rang out, and the beast recoiled.


A familiar officer, the one who had aided her at the university, opened fire on the creature. It was enough of a distraction for Zoey to gather her strength, and deliver a crushing blow to the bottom of the creatures head. So ferocious was her assault that her hand went straight through the horror’s hide, and it screeched as it bled darkness. The halls shook as it howled in pain, knocking the cop to the side as it flailed about, before it finally once again vanished into the darkness.

As Zoey began frantically searching for the book, she had glimpses of a world beyond, a world where reality was warped, and creatures beyond comprehension roamed. A voice called out to her, one that felt like it had the power of thousands, if not millions, .



The voice rippled through her being, and she felt as though she would split in two any moment.

Help me, Father.

Suddenly, Zoey could see it. Through the shadows and the darkness, the mind-bending voice and the pain searing in her wounds, the Necronomicon glowed brightly in her eyes. In an instant, the book was in her hands, and the voice returned to her head, a whisper that felt like the chorus of an army.

Read, Zoey Samaras, and find power beyond mortal comprehension.

“I know already of power beyond the realm of man” Zoey said aloud, as if answering the voice.

“I need not this book”.

With that, Zoey, Adam, the Professor and the officer set off to the front of the museum, where they ignited a small flame with scraps of paper. Much to her surprise, the Necronomicon too caught fire, just as any other book would. Whatever knowledge it contained, it was not meant for mortal minds.


Thanks once again everyone for tuning in, and I hope you enjoyed reading yet another entry in the campaign series for Zoey. I do have to note that, unlike the other adventures, I actually had to replay this one a few times as I kept making errors (not reshuffling the encounter discard pile, not including the correct tokens in the bag). Thus, I’m a bit sad that this is not a true reflection of an initial playthrough.

Regardless, it was still a huge amount of fun, and I already can’t wait for the next Mythos pack to arrive! Until it does, Zoey will be taking a much needed break. Thanks again for reading, and until next time, may all your skill checks remain untentacled!


*all images courtesy of and Fantasy Flight Games.



10 thoughts on “Delve Too Deep File XX: The Miskatonic Museum (Campaign Part III)

  1. Cool as always! May I wonder at how many Health and Sanity you ended? Because the Horror only deals 1-1. Also, how many resources were there on Shadowspawned?


    1. Thanks! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

      I think I ended up on around 4 Health left and 1 or 2 Sanity? I had taken some hits from some Twists of Fate earlier (including a painful 2 Horror hit!) which made it really close. I was also very fortunate in the fact that I got both the clue heavy Security and Administration Offices, and I finished the game with 1 card left in deck on the last possible Investigate check with Rite of Seeking. Talk about a close call!

      I ended up with 1 XP and the Necronomicon destroyed, which was a pretty sad reward considering how hard the scenario was! Forget all these people saying this is an easy one; I thought this one was among the most difficult, if not THE most. That said, I loved every moment of it. 🙂


      1. It’s probably more accurate to say it CAN be easy with the right crew. For us, Rex with Pathfinding absolutely tore up the place while Zoey did her dance with the horror. We didn’t even make it to agenda 3, and we got every single experience point available.


  2. Do remember that the designers have said that the hunting horror does not get bigger when entering play because of the Agenda deck. Dont know whether you did that. But if so you made it harder for yourself. And i think the people (myself included) that say its too easy, are playing it multiplayer, which doesnt really scale anything on the hunting horror.


    1. I’m curious as to why it doesn’t get larger when entering because of the Agenda deck. Do you have a link to them talking about that? If that’s the case, I made the mission INCREDIBLY difficult when it should have actually been a cakewalk. That’s unfortunate. 😦

      I can see that multiplayer wouldn’t bee too bad with the Hunting Horror, especially if it doesn’t grow.


      1. I believe it is because the Shadowspawned/resource adding is in the “normal” side of each agenda deck, and when the agenda advances, it flips over to the “resolve and continue” side, which doesn’t say that.


      2. I’ve done some research and it appears you’re correct.

        Bah! Three tries in and I still somehow mess up the scenario. Let’s just consider it as though I played it on “Nightmare Mode” then. 😉


  3. I played 3 players the first time i played this scenario and made the same mistake. And even with that mistake we got all possible experience from the scenario and we were not even close to get eliminated.

    I have not tried it solo but i can see why it might be harder on a solo run.


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