Delve Too Deep File XVIII: Miskatonic Museum Review Part I (Guardian/Seeker/Rogue)

Greetings, loyal readers and fellow investigators, to a first for Delve Too Deep, but hopefully not the last. Today, we bring you a roundtable review of the player cards from the first Mythos Pack: The Miskatonic Museum! Joining me today I have two loyal readers turned generous helpers: Peter “Unitled”, one of two hosts of the Drawn to the Flame podcast (check that out here), and Scott.

For each of the cards below, we’ve given them a score out of 10. This score is a bit of a mix of how powerful we believe the card to be, as well as how excited we are to try the card out. With that in mind, let’s get straight into it:

Emergency Aid (18/30)


KP The Aficionado (7/10): The obvious comparison to this would be First Aid, and I find this much more useful. Whilst it is not as overall flexible as First Aid as it cannot heal horror and cannot be split, this is so much more action efficient it gets the nod from me. With more and more cards like this, could a support style Guardian be on its way in the future?

The healing of an ally is not overly useful in a Guardian splash, but in house, you have both Guard Dog and Beat Cop (Level 2) which can benefit greatly from this. Funny that this allows Guardians to use this as a more aggressive card than it may seem. For these reasons, it gets a solid 7 from me.

Peter “Unitled” (6/10): I think it’s nice to see Guardians further developing the teamwork and protection theme with cards like this; I wonder if it may indeed open the way for a dedicated healer in the faction at some point in the future.

This card can heal an ally, which is particularly rare at the moment. It lets us get more use out of allies that have damage reactions (Guard Dog) or ones that self damage (Beat Cop Level 2). Plenty of story assets fall into this category too, and I can see this card being useful in a scenario that involves protecting a story asset (the card only needs the Ally trait, not take up the Ally slot). It’s a nice situational slot, and at 2, not particularly highly priced.

Scott (5/10): More healing for a Guardian, although a little less versatile than First Aid. There aren’t many allies that you’d need to heal two damage for, although the upgraded Beat Cop and Brother Xavier (also from this pack) both qualify.

Brother Xavier (17/30)

KP The Aficionado (5/10): A bit too costly for my liking, although he can soak up a fair bit of damage. The Willpower bonus seems a little out of place, but it is useful given all of the Willpower checks you have to make throughout the scenarios. He seems to go well with Guardian’s theme of allies that like to hurt themselves! For one experience point and 5 resources, I just don’t see myself taking him, especially when I’d rather have a Beat Cop by my side.

Peter “Unitled” (5/10): While it’s always nice to see chunky new allies, I’m not sure on this currently. I guess I’m not sure how much support there is for a hybrid or spell focused Guardian. I’m sure there are cards like this coming, mind you, and Zoey is probably well positioned with her base Willpower of 4 going to 5 with the brother.

3/3 is also a very respectable stat line, so he can help out with protecting weaker investigators at your location. His reaction ability naturally combos well with his ability too, and provided you can soak sufficient damage with him you don’t need to worry about overwriting him.

Still, he seems like he’s two disparate effects stuck together on one card, and I’m not convinced they are two I want together.

Scott (7/10): A two-way exploding sponge, and more versatile if you’re teamed up. Expensive, but I think he holds his own against other expensive allies.

“I’ve Got A Plan!” (25/30)

KP The Aficionado (9/10): Rex is my favourite investigator, and this is just absolute gravy with him. While Daisy is actually slightly more effective with it due to her naturally higher Intellect, being able to make a surprise attack for up to 4 damage is HUGE! I rate this a little higher than Backstab even though the latter is a little more consistent, primarily because I’ve Got A Plan!” has a higher damage ceiling, and is available to a class that normally doesn’t fight. A fantastic card,

Peter “Unitled” (9/10): Backstab for Seekers! An absolute gift for solo seekers who desperately need ways to reliably deal with unavoidable 3 or 4 health enemies. Rex already likes stacking extra clues on himself with Search for the Truth; this gives you even more reason to do it. It means that the group Seeker has more independence to continue exploring by themselves without worrying (much) about being stranded away from a Guardian or Mystic. And I love the real “Home Alone” nature of the art!

Scott (7/10): Seekers get a one-time damage dealing event using Lore…a neat addition to that group for when there’s nowhere to run and your weapon-wielding buddy isn’t around. Combos well with Hyperawareness, Working a Hunch, Dr. Milan Chrisopher and Deduction.

Pathfinder (25/30)

KP The Aficionado (8/10): It’s a good day to be a Seeker. A free action to dash between locations is awesome, and I can definitely see myself quickly picking up one of these when I level up. Roland and Daisy probably both like this slightly more than Rex, as Roland can much more easily rush around to defend his friends, while Daisy can use her tomes in the places they’re needed. It’s still useful on anyone who can grab it, however.

Peter “Unitled” (10/10): Absolutely great, probably the card I’m most looking forward to in the whole set. It gives free actions! Very nice support for a mobile or solo Seeker who needs to jump quickly to where the clues are. With two of these and two Shortcuts, a Seeker can move further than most Investigators can in a turn before they even spend an action!

Putting on my pessimist hat, I’m slightly worried that it’s providing actions when you don’t often NEED extra actions, as opposed to when you’re engaged with a couple of enemies and need to evade them. Still, you can use this even after spending all your actions; if you manage to escape all your monsters in your turn, you can ping away.

Scott (7/10): For three resources, you will save one movement action a turn. Very nice, especially if you can get it out early before the board fills up with enemies.

Contraband (6/20)*

KP The Aficionado (2/10): Apart from a narrow application in a Jenny deck, I don’t see this making much of a splash. It will get better in time, of course, as more and more assets that it can effect come into play, but at the moment, it probably won’t see much if any play.

Pete “Unitled” (4/10): Nicely thematic, though currently at least as expensive as playing another copy of any card that uses ammo or supply (aside from the Shotgun or Jenny’s Twin .45s). You get additional flexibility for using it with a higher cost, which I would guess isn’t a huge issue for the Rogues I’ve seen so far. Basically an extra copy of whatever you want right now, that costs 4.

As an added bonus, it can be used on anyone at your location. Note that to get the most benefit out of it you need to use it as soon as the card is installed [editors note: KP spots a Netrunner player ;)] , which could be a heavy investment in a single turn.

Adaptable (22/30)

KP The Aficionado (10/10): I give this card the highest possible rating because the moment you would switch a level zero card out for another, you’re better off taking Adaptable. Its ability in itself is not absurdly strong; in fact, I doubt you’d use it more than a handful of times in a campaign, if even that much (though I expect that will change in time). However, the fact that taking it costs you LITERALLY nothing if you’re swapping out a card anyway means there is no reason not to take this. A free card that doesn’t go in your deck and has a mild upside? Sold.

Note that this 10/10 is only because it’s literally free. The card is really not that powerful, and doesn’t do anything close to gamebreaking. On effect alone, it’s probably closer to a 4 or 5 out of 10, but the fact that it costs you nothing means I can’t ever see myself not taking it.

Peter “Unitled” (7/10): Our first permanent card! That gets it some marks by itself.

Not a particularly “showy” effect, but a nice way to tweak your deck to what is coming, especially if it’s a repeat run through a scenario. The card is only as expensive as swapping a single level 0 card, so as as soon as you do that as a Rogue during a campaign, you might as well pick this up. Note that the cards you swap must be level 0 cards; likely not an issue now, but later in a campaign with a greater card pool we might have a deck which is largely level 1+ cards!

Good example would be to, for example, pick up the spoiled “I’m outta here!”, replacing something like Manual Dexterity, for a scenario you know has a tricky resigning condition. After that, you can swap back to more useful cards.

To be honest, I really can’t see Rogues NOT picking this up, especially if they’re running solo, to give them an extra edge. It’s not even unique either, so to be extra adaptable you can take 2 and swap 4 cards between every game!

Scott (5/10): This is a bit of probationary rating pending some campaign-related case where swapping zero-level cards is a good idea and necessary. Knowing myself, I probably wouldn’t use it unless something like trauma or an unforeseen new weakness was stuck on my investigator mid-campaign. I’m sure some of the doctorates in deckology out there will find a great use for it.

That wraps up the first half of Delve Too Deep’s review of the Miskatonic Museum player cards. Next time, a little later this week, we’ll be checking out what new toys Survivors, Mystics got, as well as the Neutral goodies that everyone can make use of. Be sure to let us know what you think of the cards in this review, and I look forward to seeing what you all think! I’d also like to point everyone to another blog, The Shuffle Out of Space, where the author will also later be sharing his thoughts on the pack.

I’d like to thank Peter “Unitled” from Drawn to the Flame and Scott for their contributions and opinions, and I’d like to invite any readers out there from the community who’d like to participate to contact me if they’re interested in joining in the roundtable in the future.

Thanks everyone for reading, and until next time, may your skill checks remain untentacled!

*Scott gave a score of 5/10 for Contraband, but gave reasoning that it could be used with Book of the Dead. As that is untrue, I have removed his rating for the card, hence why it is out of 20 instead of 30.

**All images courtesy of and Fantasy Flight Games.

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