Delve Too Deep File XIV: The House Always Wins (Campaign Part II)

*Warning. This article contains spoilers for Scenario 1-B of the Dunwich Legacy: The House Always Wins. If you do not wish to be spoiled at all, please stop reading. Sorry!*

Greetings, loyal readers and fellow investigators of the world’s darkest mysteries, and welcome back to Delve Too Deep! I hope the world is not driving you too crazy at the moment, and you’re having a great time gaming, wherever you may be in life!

Today, we’re jumping back into Zoey Samaras’s adventures in the Dunwich Legacy, which we began last time with “Extracurricular Activity”. Today, we’re seeing how much success she had when she tried her luck at “The House Always Wins”. Now begins the tale…


The House Always Wins

These houses of ill repute were exactly what Zoey normally stayed away from. Unfortunately, if she was to have any hope of finding Professor Morgan, she didn’t really have a choice. Entering the Clover Club, the smell of alcohol and cigarettes filled the air, exactly not what she wanted to be greeted with. Nor did she want to attract a lot of unwanted attention; unfortunately, the owner of the club took great interest in her.


“You don’t look like the usual fair we get here, ma’am” he commented, following her as she wandered around the club. “You seem a little…lost”.

“Oh, I’m just looking for someone”, she replied “a professor from the university. I thought he might be around here”.

The boss nodded. “I think I know the guy you’re talking about. Seen him around here a fair bit recently. Heavy drinker and gambler, been winning and losing a whole lot recently. Might be best to have a look around there?”

Thanking the surprisingly helpful boss, Zoey began heading off to the bar. Behind her, she heard him call out again.

“Try a Vodka Sunrise while you’re there, sugar. A favourite among our lovely lady patrons. Tell ’em Victor sent you, and it’ll be on the house”.


At the bar, Zoey ordered the Sunrise as Victor had suggested. The atmosphere of the club was surprisingly…comfortable. Were it not for the plethora of sinful behaviour, it even be a place to come back to, Zoey thought.

“You lookin’ for someone, darlin’?” the barman asked, cleaning a glass. He was a fairly handsome man, dressed in the typical suit she had become quite used to seeing in the club. “I can’t help but notice you keep eyeing everyone in this entire room”.

“A professor, actually. Victor told me that he came around here a fair bit. Seen anyone that fits the bill?”

The barman pondered, still wiping the shot glass in his hand. “Can’t say I’ve seen any old professor types ’round here. There was this younger academic fellow, though. Only started coming in recently. Kept talking ’bout all this monster nonsense”. He put his finger to his temple and spun it ’round. “Must have lost all his marbles. Used to hang ’round the gamblin’ tables a lot. Said there was something off about them. He rustled a lot of feathers, that one. Haven’t seen him for a while now”.

As she finished off her drink and headed to the game room, a strange feeling overcame Zoey. Perhaps it was just that she wasn’t really a drinker, and the alcohol had gotten to her, but she couldn’t help but feel that something wasn’t right.


Spending some time in the games room, she ran into Victor once again. As she gazed at him, she couldn’t help but feel that he had been following her. Not wanting to draw attention, she took a seat a blackjack table. What measly money she did have on her went onto the table, and she got handed the 5 of Hearts and 6 of Diamonds. Not knowing what to say, Zoey simply said “Another card, please”. The card slid down the table to her, and she turned it over…

Not a 10, a Jack, a Queen or a King. In fact, it was no card she recognised.

It was a skull, and the the initials Y and S. Yog Sothoth!

It all happened so quickly. Victor was on her in an instant, restraining her with a chokehold. The patrons in the club were all running about, screaming wildly. The dealer at the table was approaching Zoey, pulling his sleeves up and looking ready to pummel her. To make matters worse, she couldn’t even see straight. Then it hit her.

The Vodka Sunrise!


Holding onto her cross and focusing her will on the Lord above, Zoey struggled against Victor and pushed him away. And he grabbed a knife from his pocket, Zoey drew her concealed machete, and struck true, slashing at her assailant. Clutching his wounded chest, Victor fell to ground, screaming. The dealer came at her next, but Zoey was too skilled, and he too soon dropped to the ground, bleeding from a huge gash now lining his face.

As she looked around at the fallen mobsters, she noticed a third fleeing into a hidden doorway out of the room. She made her way to the door, but not before she heard a terrifying sound, not unlike the ones she had heard back at the university. Not in the best shape, Zoey began to panic. Time was running out.


Frantically searching the back rooms after regaining her composure, the mobster she had seen before leapt at her, catching her off guard. As they fought, Zoey retreated out a random doorway, which happened to lead into a dark alleyway. The second the gangster came out the door, he was met with a solid blow to his face, before being grabbed and put into an armlock by Zoey.

“WHERE IS HE?” Zoey demanded, hot fire burning in her eyes. The mobster only retorted with a laugh. That was the moment when Zoey broke his arm, and he let out a howl.

“Let’s try this again”. She grabbed his other arm.

“He’s gone already. Long gone” the man cried, sulking at his broken arm. “I have no idea where, but he’s not here anymore”.

Zoey through the man to the ground, leaving him to lick his wounds. She headed back inside for anything that might indicate his whereabouts. The building shook and shouts filled the air. As much as Zoey wanted to go back and help, there was no time; she could hear a mix of voices in her head, though there was one she recognised all too well.

“Run, Zoey Samaras. Live”.


As she ran out of the Clover Club, the building began to collapse in on itself. Running out the back alley, past the sulking criminal on the floor, Zoey escaped her demise, but with no idea where Professor Morgan may be.


Thanks for reading, everyone, and I hope you’ve enjoyed these two thematic write ups! Once the next adventure is ready to be played, you can be sure that the story of Zoey Samaras will continue. Next time, we’ll either be looking in depth at the adventures available in the core set, or perhaps delving deeply into a certain promotional investigator who has me very intrigued.

Until then, may your skill checks remain untentacled!

*all images courtesy of and Fantasy Flight Games


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