Delve Too Deep File XIII: Extracurricular Activity (Campaign Part I)

*Warning. This article contains spoilers for Scenario 1-A of the Dunwich Legacy: Extracurricular Activity. If you do not wish to be spoiled at all, please stop reading. Sorry!)

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to Delve Too Deep’s first campaign write-up. Seeing as though it is so hot off the press and I imagine many have already explored “The Night of the Zealot” campaign to death, what better way to excite everyone with sharing just how I went in my first playthrough of the Dunwich Legacy?

I played Zoey Samaras for this adventure. The deck can be located here.


Extracurricular Activity

The Lord had led her to Professor Armitage and then onto this quest. There were just too many elements to these disappearances to label them as “coincidences”, and Zoey was to be the one to get to the bottom of this. As Professor Rice’s situation seemed a little more suspect, Zoey headed to Miskatonic University fist.

Given that the professor had last been seen at the Humanities Building, she headed there first. It was surprisingly dark and abandoned, despite the evening only just starting to settle in, requiring the use of a flashlight to explore properly. Then, she spotted it. Professor Rice had been assigned to room 12 today. He must be…or must have been… on the campus today, thought Zoey. She headed to check out Room 12, but found the door to the room locked. Odd, given that so many others were still somewhat ajar…

Not wanting to break down the door, Zoey moved on and towards the Orne Library. The librarian was just about to leave when she arrived. With a sad expression on her face, the librarian informed Zoey that the electricity had short circuited and thus he was closing early today. Explaining the necessity of her inquiries, and providing the very handy flashlight, the librarian helped Zoey find the record of books Dr Rice checked out that day. Whilst some titles involving syntax and phonology seemed standard for a linguistics professor, one title did stick out: Realities Beyond Space and Time.

Having wasted enough time fumbling through the library, Zoey suddenly saw a brief and brilliant light flash outside. One would attribute it to lightning, but there was no thunder, no cracking sound. Just a short flash of white, and then silence.


After a brief detour to the Administrative Offices, only to find them locked, Zoey thought that perhaps the students in his class would know what happened to him. Racing across the university to the student union, she bumped into an absent-minded student, causing them to drop all of their books onto the floor. Apologising profusely and helping them pick up their dropped items, Zoey couldn’t help but notice the title of one of the books: Introduction to Linguistics. Some would call it luck; Zoey knew better than that.

The student mentioned that she thought Professor Rice had been acting a bit odd recently. He had been staying at the university day in and day out, and had had cancelled all meetings and consultations. Whilst he still taught classes as normal, he seemed a little…distracted. Something wasn’t right with him at all. Rumour had it that he was even sleeping in his office, and locking all of the doors in the faculty office when it was only he around. If anyone was going to get in there, they would need the master key; only the janitor, “Jazz”, had access to it.


The janitor was still working, but nobody knew exactly where he was at the moment. As once again fortune (or fate) would have it, Zoey managed to run into exactly the right person at exactly the right time. Or more correctly, he ran into her in his haste, falling on top of her, with is filthy work clothes and smell triggering her worst fear.


Getting a hold of herself, Zoey asked the janitor for his help with the keys, but he was a little hesitant at first. It was only when Zoey spoke of the books that Professor Rice had taken out that the janitor’s eyes widened. Upon pressuring him, “Jazz” spoke.

“I just came from the humanities building”, he began, “and I thought I was alone when all of a sudden I thought I saw a strange person wandering around. What was odd was that it took me a moment to realise it was a person; there was something…unwholesome about them. Something just wasn’t right”.


With “Jazz” following her, Zoey began to head back to the faculty office when, all of a sudden, screams could be heard. As students fled from the direction of the science building, Zoey couldn’t help but overhear one of them shouting “the creature’s loose. Everyone run for your lives, or it’ll eat you too!”. It would seem that many powerful forces were at work today, and the search for Professor Rice was getting more dire by the minute. At that moment, Zoey began having strange visions of the future that seemed so familiar to her; a horrid monster devouring the helpless. She had vowed to hunt down the wicked and protect the innocent, and it would seem that time was coming again.

Although the powers of evil tried to hold her back by placing up arcane barriers, Zoey still managed to get to the dormitories in time to warn the students. However, there were just too many of them for Zoey to be able to warn all of them in time. With all the various pranks played on the students here and there, she had little hope that they would all believe her words.

Another vision came to her, and she could hear a cry for help, the voice that of an older man. It was Professor Rice! Without any time to spare, Zoey rushed over to the offices again, with the Janitor close behind her. Fumbling with the keys, they managed to open the door to the building, only to find signs of a struggle. Moving into Professor Rice’s office, Zoey came face to face with a creature she had foreseen.


Letting out a little prayer, she drew her Cross, and the Lord on High blessed her with the nerve to face this abomination. Despite being unarmed, Zoey’s years of battling the most horrid beings the world had ever seen had honed her skills well. As the creature lashed its tentacles toward her, she grabbed hold of one and dragged the creature toward her, before unleashing a flurry of vicious blows to the creature’s face. Witnessing such fury, “Jazz” wasn’t sure who to be more scared of.


“Professor Rice” she called out, seemingly unfazed by the mess of creature brains and blood that now decorated the carpet of the office. No answer came, however. She was too late. Wherever that creature had come from, it had likely brought friends. And those friends now had a professor of linguistics in their possession. Looking on the floor, Realities Beyond Space and Time, the book the librarian mentioned, was opened to a very late page. A quick skim of the book revealed but one thing of note: mention of the ancient evil of the world, the all-in-one, Yog Sothoth.

There was nothing more she could do for Professor Rice now. Grabbing a gun left on the table, she headed out to do what she could about this monster that had been unleashed on the campus, before she failed to help those in need again. When she arrived in the quad, she saw the monster and clutched tightly to her cross.

“Heavenly father”, she started to pray “be my shepherd against the darkness of this world”.


The beast seemed not to notice her until she starting shooting at it, a combination of shouts and bullets drawing its attention. With a monstrous roar, it swung its mighty tail at Zoey and “Jazz”, knocking the janitor flat out, and pushing Zoey away. The experiment continued its march towards the dormitories, almost seeming to pick up pace.

Picking herself up off the ground, Zoey fired another bullet, hitting it once more and causing it to stumble, but it refused to stop. She could hear the students screaming as the beast reached the stairs of the dormitory. There was no time for them to escape now; they would surely all be devoured by this being of pure taint and evil, this thing beyond comprehension. She had one bullet to stop it.

“Lord on High”, she cried out, “I pray that you use my body to quell the evils of the world. Do not let the lights of these students’ lives be consumed by darkness, but by Your hand may they be delivered”. She closed her eyes, raised her weapon, and pulled the trigger…


When she opened them again, she could no longer hear screaming. The beast was on ground, convulsing, blood streaming from a wound that had penetrated straight through its head. From underneath the corpse crawled a student, covered in ooze and other unimaginables, but alive. As students one by one began to observe the fallen beast, as well as a bloodied lady nearby, with smoke still exuding from the pistol in her right hand, applause broke out. Zoey may not have been able to find Professor Rice, but the Lord had used her to save the lives of many today, and to overcome the great evil that threatened the lives of many.


I know it was a bit different, but I hope you all enjoyed this thematic recount of my experiences with the Dunwich Legacy. I absolutely LOVED this adventure, and I applaud the continual excellent efforts of all the designers of this wonderful game. Thanks for reading, and until next time, may your skill checks remain untentacled!

*all images courtesy of and Fantasy Flight Games


4 thoughts on “Delve Too Deep File XIII: Extracurricular Activity (Campaign Part I)

  1. Excellent post, thank you! I enjoyed reading it!

    The list you posted at the top is giving an error, “You are not allowed to view this deck. To get access, you can ask the deck owner to enable “Share your decks” on their account.” Did you maybe link your personal version of the deck, rather than a public version?


    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know about the issue with the link. It’s been a pain working without stable internet for the past week, so I haven’t been able to fix it. It should be all good now!


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