Delve Too Deep File XII: Zoey Samaras

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to the final investigator review for the Dunwich Legacy. Many of the investigators so far are out for their own benefit, or simply trying to survive in a world gone mad. However, the Guardians are out there, risking their lives and trying to defeat the physical threat of the Elder Evils. While Roland does a little investigating on the side, today we meet the faithful warrior whose unshakeable will and determination has led her on a path of destruction…that is, the destruction of the unspeakable horrors. Meet Zoey Samaras.


Notable Strengths of Zoey

Zoey is unique in that she is only the second character in the game to have two stats at 4 (the other being Wendy), and one of those stats is the always hand Combat skill. Combined with her impressive 9 health, she can easily stand and face the physical threat of monsters for a long time. Her other 4 stat, Willpower, ensures that she’s not going to suffer due to being Frozen In Fear or seeing some Rotting Remains, or whatever other horrors she may encounter. This is great, given that 6 Sanity is not the highest amount to be starting on (though not the worst).

The monster’s rightfully fear the power of the Cross.

Her unique abilities are also incredibly useful. Gaining a resource for engaging an enemy, something you were probably going to do anyway, is great action economy. It gets even better in multiplayer, as you may even trigger it multiple times per turn (this is unlikely, however). It’s a more conditional version of Jenny’s ability, though it is occasionally slightly better (especially as you gain the resource for immediate use).

Zoey’s Cross is an all star, and easily one of the best signature cards in the game. As I’ve already talked about with Agnes, being able to hand out one damage effectively for free is an absurdly powerful ability. Often, this generates action economy by allowing you to completely ignore single health enemies, or letting you strike down larger health monsters in fewer blows. The best part? It’s effectively free with her ability!

Notable Weaknesses of Zoey

Unlike Roland, who is able to fight and investigate on his own, Zoey is going to be pretty much useless at investigating. With her only in-class trick being Evidence! and her naturally low Intellect of 2, Zoey needs to either venture out of class for help, or leave it to the more dedicated clue gatherers.

The other issue with Zoey is that she’s not exactly flexible; if there are monsters to take down, she’s fantastic and exactly the gal you’ll want on your side. When it comes time to solve the mystery or do other, non-combat related activities, Zoey is a bit lacklustre. Effectively, she’s great when the party needs help with combat, but once that’s over, she doesn’t contribute very much.

Her unique weakness can be a bit of a pain, but it’s nowhere near as bad as others. After all, Zoey thrives in combat, and having more things on the board to fight is not necessarily a bad thing. That said, having to waste a few actions to get over to the enemy can be a bit of a problem.

Build Path: Crusader

The key to solving Zoey’s investigation issues.

Investigator/Signature Cards
Zoey Samaras
Zoey’s Cross
Smite the Wicked

2 Physical Training
2 Machete
2 Beat Cop
2 .45 Automatic
2 First Aid
2 Rite of Seeking

2 Unexpected Courage
2 Overpower
2 Guts
2 Vicious Blow
2 Double or Nothing

2 Dynamite Blast
2 Evidence!
2 Dodge

This is a deck that’s primarily focused on making Zoey as lethal as possible. My new favourite skill Double or Nothing allows her to take advantage of her naturally high combat in order to obliterate even the largest monsters in a single action. If she finds herself outmatched, she can always resort to Dynamite Blast (made more affordable due to her passive resource generation). A single copy of Elusive is included just in case things get a little too hot, so she can back away and get some air.

First Aid and Rite of Seeking provide Zoey with some options to be a bit more useful during the downtime between fights. Thanks to her high Willpower, Rite of Seeking makes her very effective at gathering clues (especially when combined with Double or Nothing!).

Other than that, there’s nothing too surprising. Being a Guardian grants Zoey access to two of the best weapons in the game, and I don’t see any reason to branch out into other weapons at the moment (though I did briefly consider the Fire Axe).

When levelling up, aim for upgraded Beat Cops first and foremost; they’re some of the best allies you can have in the game. You can pick up some Police Badges if you wish; they’ve got solid icons, and are very useful if you don’t find Zoey’s Cross (or feel set up enough that you don’t need that one damage). Afterwards, I’d probably grab a Shotgun, though be aware that it doesn’t work well with Double or Nothing.


I like Zoey for many reasons, and I think she’s a pretty solid character if a bit specialised. She suffers the same issue that Roland does at the moment (that Guardian has pretty ordinary upgrade options) though at least Roland has access to Seeker cards too. It’s a pretty common theme that most of the characters in the game seem to be missing a little something that would complete them, and Zoey finds herself to be no exception.

If you’ve already got a dedicated clue gatherer, I think Zoey may get the nod over Roland for being a little better at dealing with monsters. However, Roland is generally better rounded, and thus I think he is slightly superior to this faithful chef at the present time. That’s not to say Zoey isn’t good; she is, but she unfortunately isn’t as shiny and sparkly as Rex or Pete are to me.

That about wraps up the Dunwich Legacy, and so I’d like to end with a quick rankings list of my favourite investigators at the moment. This doesn’t mean that I think they’re the best, but rather I quite like what they do and where they’re going. Here goes:

  1. Rex Murphy
  2. “Ashcan” Pete
  3. Zoey Samaras
  4. Jenny Barnes
  5. Jim Culver

What about you guys? Who are your favourite investigators from the Dunwich Legacy? Let me know, and until next time, may your skill checks remain untentacled.

*all images courtesy of and Fantasy Flight Games




8 thoughts on “Delve Too Deep File XII: Zoey Samaras

  1. Nice write up! Double or Nothing is an interesting add. Do you intend to use it in combat? Any enemy with more than 2 health probably has at least 3 or 4 fight, so doubling that would make the test near impossible. In my build I went with Drawn to the Flame to give her more clue options and more ways to get enemies on the board. The other card I think could be good with her is Guard Dog. That combined with her Cross could make it easy to take out lots of enemies without even attacking.


    1. Drawn to the Flame is a great choice, and it was in my earlier build with her.

      Against three fight, it’s actually not too bad, but you need another skill or Physical Training. I think it’s an excellent option in the late game, especially in combination with other +1 damage options. Either that, or use it with Rite of Seeking! 🙂

      Thanks for reading! 😀


  2. I’d consider 2 builds for her – one for solo, with more cards for clue gathering (look, what I found! might be good, or deduction, maybe, if along with flashlight?

    However for team work, I’d ditch everything and focus on weapons, adding maybe Fireaxe or Baseball bat.


    1. The major issue I have with Baseball Bat is it has a pretty good chance of breaking after two or three uses. Fire Axe is decent, and not a bad choice, but it’s a little anti-synergy with Evidence!


  3. Love the articles so far.

    Who you think would be the best investigators out of the 10 so far for solo, 2, 3, & 4 player games?

    I’d be interested to see who you would take as your team on a new campaign for the first time with no encounter deck knowledge for each of the 4 options.



    1. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

      As far as the best investigators in the game goes:

      I’d take Agnes for solo play. I think she’s well rounded enough to be able to handle anything.
      For duo, I’d add in Rex.
      For 3 player, Roland shows up.
      For 4, “Ashcan” Pete is the go to man.

      Daisy could easily replace Rex, and you could also play either Daisy or “Skids” in place of Roland. I think, however, that on sheer power, the four above take the cake (although I’d say “Skids” and Roland really are interchangeable).


  4. What is Double or Nothing effecting? Is it the +1 damage from a weapon? So Base of 1 + 1 from weapon + 1 from Double or Nothing for 3 total damage?


    1. It actually resolves all the effects of winning twice. So with a +1 damage weapon, you deal 4 damage on winning. The math would look something like this:

      2(1 + 1) = 4

      If you use Vicious Blow as well:

      2(1 + 1 + 1) = 6

      Action economy at its finest! 🙂


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