Delve Too Deep File IX: Rex Murphy

Welcome, fellow Investigators, to the final instalment of Delve Too Deep for the year. Thank you for coming with me on this journey thus far, with lots of comments and discussion, and many a fun time had! We’re now nine files in, and I figured I’d end the year with the investigator that I’m the most excited about out of the new friends we have on offer in the Dunwich Legacy. I am, of course, talking about the perpetually unlucky reporter, Rex Murphy.

Notable Strengths of Rex

Compared to Daisy, Rex has 1 fewer Intellect (4) but one more Agility (3). While the Intellect hit is notable, the Agility bonus at least gives Rex a chance to escape monsters without other aids. 4 Intellect is still more than enough to explore most locations, and with access to all of Seeker’s Intellect boosts, he will be able to find all the clues he’ll ever need.

The most key feature of Rex is his unique ability. Whenever Rex succeeds at an Investigation check by at least 2, he may discover a clue at his location. This means that every time you nail an investigation check, you effectively generate an action.

What excites me the most is that this ability works with ALL investigation checks. By now, you may have guessed that I love Burglary. With Rex, being able to burgle AND gain a clue in a single action is extremely powerful. It is this strength that I’ll be exploring in the deck below.

Notable Weaknesses of Rex

If you’re looking for someone to fight monsters, Rex is not your man. With a Combat of 2, he won’t be slaying monsters any time soon. This can become an issue in missions which require you to defeat some of the greatest horrors known to man. It isn’t a unique problem for Rex, though it’s just as noticeable here as it is for Daisy and Wendy.

While not crippling, being “unlucky” certainly is an annoyance.

Rex’s Curse is not the worst unique weakness. In fact, it’s one of the only ones in the game that cannot directly end you or punish you at the end of the game. What it is, however, is a persistent thorn in your side. You want to get rid of it quickly, but then it just goes back in, ready to be drawn again! I mention this weakness only because it is so recurrent. With clever play and forethought, it can be mitigated quite simply.

Rex is a little asset dependant as well. He’s not very powerful naturally, and needs a few parts to get going. This can cause his early game to be quite slow, and also means that he’s at the mercy of the draw. Once he’s up and running, he’ll be very powerful, but until then, Rex needs time to set up, and sometimes time is something you just don’t have.

Build Path: Hot on the Trail

Investigator/Signature Cards
Rex Murphy
Search for the Truth
Rex’s Curse

2 Magnifying Glass
2 Dr. Milan Christopher
Old Book of Lore
2 Strange Solution
2 Burglary
2 Scavenging
Rabbit’s Foot

2 Unexpected Courage
2 Perception
2 Deduction
Manual Dexterity

2 Barricade
2 Working A Hunch
2 Mind Over Matter
2 Emergency Cache

This is most definitely NOT a solo build. With no real ability to fight even the weakest of monsters, Rex will run into serious issues if he’s forced into a fight. Instead, this is a long-term build with humble beginnings as a ridiculously fast investigator. Once you’ve gotten Dr. Milan and/or Magnifying Glass out, Rex can easily blitz through low shroud locations, and with the help of Flashlight or skills cards, can quickly suck up all clues needed to solve the mystery!

The core engine of the deck is Burglary + Dr Milan. With these two cards alone, you can make a base 5 Investigation check in order to gain 4 resources, all for 1 action! If you succeed by 2 or more, you also snag a clue. Once you’ve got Scavenging out, you can even start fuelling these checks with Magnifying Glass, Strange Solution and Rabbit’s Foot, only to get them back with Scavenging!

This interaction is what I believe will be the core of Rex decks for a while, and is the reason I’m most excited about getting this reporter into action. You may wonder what to do with all the extra resources you have. Initially, there isn’t too much to do. It allows you to play out your deck with impunity and devote your actions to other things, and it allows you to fuel Hyperawareness. These things are nice, but surely there’s something better to be done, isn’t there?

The backbone of the Scavenging engine, providing decent icon spread and a powerful, recurrable ability!

Enter Disc of Itzamna. Make this the VERY first thing you purchase. Once you have this,
you can start doing absurd things with Scavenging. Being able to discard a monster that spawns at your location is extremely powerful in solo (because you’re flat negating the encounter deck for a turn) as well as multiplayer (you’re more likely to flat cancel a monster if you’re travelling with friends). Being able to do it every turn or two is even crazier.

For your next purchases, consider picking up a Bulletproof Vest and an Elder Sign Amulet (just for more options with Scavenging) and possibly an Encylopedia. Encyclopedia is especially handy if succeeding by two or more has become an issue, but otherwise I’d relegate it to the side and instead go for the two neutral assets. Cryptic Research is great as well, but expensive. Thus, I’d probably only go for it in multiplayer where it really shines as a support card, or if you have an abundance of experience.

For cuts, I’d go with the aforementioned Strange Solution (if you solve it in mission one), then Mind Over Matter, Shortcut and possibly Emergency Cache if you manage to gain a whole heap of experience. It’s really up to you, but make sure to pick up powerful items when you can.

Coclusion on Rex

Of all the engines in the game, I think Rex’s one has the absolute highest potential. Skids is comparable, but while Skids moves towards carrying in combat, Rex simply becomes an investigating machine. The two, thus, compliment each other very well, and I look forward to trying them both out in action.

While Rex is a bit slow to start, if he gets set up, he can race through the mysteries and gather up all the clues incredibly quickly and efficiently. As more items and options become available, the Burglar/Dr. Milan/Scavenging engine will become even more powerful. All it will take is one very high cost item, and suddenly all the resource acceleration you gain can go towards fuelling some truly amazing cards.

Rex is probably my favourite investigator so far, and he’ll be the first one I try out when I open up the Dunwich Legacy. What about you guys? Who are your favourite investigators and why? Do you think I’m wildly wrong with Rex? Let me know, and until next time, may your skills checks remained untentacled!

*images courtesy of and Fantasy Flight Games


8 thoughts on “Delve Too Deep File IX: Rex Murphy

  1. Why include Rabbits Foot as your 5th cross class card? I think I would lean toward Ritual Candles or Holy Rosary. I would also include at least one Knife for throwing purposes.


    1. Rabbit’s Foot has a wild icon, which makes it handy for the Scavenging loop. Ritual Candles takes competes slightly for hand slots but is another reasonable choice, I won’t deny that. I just don’t see Holy Rosary’s +1 Willpower being all that useful for Rex. It’s nice, but not absurd. Rabbit’s Foot serves as both mitigation for actions lost AND a nice wild icon for Scavenging later on (as I mentioned).

      Knife is okay, but again you’d more than likely have someone else to do the fighting for you. If you don’t, I’d definitely include it.


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