Delve Too Deep File VII: The Dunwich Legacy


Hello again, loyal readers. In this Delve Too Deep File, I’m very excited to bring to you my analysis of all the upcoming investigator cards in the Dunwich Legacy deluxe. I’m certain that you’re about as excited as I am, so let’s just get straight into checking out what goodies we’ll all be able to play with very soon.

Guardian is the class that far and away got the least from this deluxe. In fact, I would say that literally zero of the Guardian cards in this pact have any use at all in solo play, and even in team play they’re not great. Taunt is too narrow in application to be very useful; when do you need to engage multiple enemies at one location at once? The upgraded version is slightly better, but again, there are few situations when you will need to engage more than one enemy at once, and even if you engage two, the bonus you receive is not great.

Blackjack is a card that is strictly worse than Knife except

Amazing flavour text! 😉

when you fail a skill test. It might be okay on a secondary or tertiary fighter, but that’s not what Guardians do, and other characters have far better cards to splash than this ordinary weapon. Teamwork, however, at least provides a unique effect; in certain builds, I could almost see this as a way to gift characters with tools they normally wouldn’t be able to access, or perhaps just donate a large amount of resources to characters struggling for money. However, I don’t expect it to be great outside of  very specific builds or party setups.


Seeker is a mixed bag as well. None of the cards here wow me at all, with most of them ranging from slightly below to slightly above average. Laboratory Assistant is a card. The draw two is reasonable but you would never play the card for that alone, and the bonus is…odd. It’s neat, but not enough to make me want to play her over much more useful allies (like Dr. Milan, whom my readers would know I absolutely love).

The first of its kind and a very interesting design.

Seeking Answers and Shortcut are both cards that are not bad, but nothing to write home about either. They’re both reasonably situational cards that can be neat for either action efficiency or effectively a bonus to investigate (being in a low shroud location but taking from a much higher shroud one). Strange Solution is the kind of card that I can see you starting with in your deck in mission one, resolving, and then removing from your deck from then on. It’s great for that reason; you’re going to have to cut cards eventually, so why not cut one that at least grants you some bonus, despite the fact you don’t know what that may be?


In Rogue, we hit some real gems. Liquid Courage is a nice card, especially since it doesn’t require a slot. The downside can be irritating for some (especially Rogue mains) but for Wendy or Jim, it is likely to heal two horror for a single action. I think it’ll see some play in those. Think On Your Feet is another solid card, allowing you to avoid bad situations just as they arise. It’s a little worse in multiplayer if you’re exploring with friends, but great if you tend to be the lone wolf on your own.

Hired Muscle is a reasonable early game buff; a single resource for +1 Combat is great

High risk, high reward. Is it worth it? You decide.

value, and being able to soak up either three damage or a single horror is awesome, especially since you probably don’t want them hanging around all day long. Once they’ve been around for a turn or two, they start becoming a bit economically inefficient. Double or Nothing is very exciting, especially when coupled with cards which offer bonuses on success (one such card is coming up soon!). It’s well flavoured and interesting, with the potential to be outstanding. It’s definitely not a card for every deck though.


Mystic definitely takes the cake in this deluxe. The only real dud is Clarity of Mind; whilst it’s reasonable in Agnes, who loves to take Horror damage, it’s pretty situational otherwise. I don’t love First Aid, and I certainly don’t love that this also takes up a crucial item slot for Mystics.

The other three cards, however, are all-stars. Ritual Candles takes up the most unused hand slot in Mystic (at least, initially mostly unused) and provides you with some resistance to the Chaos Bag. Holding two makes your odds of succeeding at skill checks skyrocket; any card that can repeatedly do that is worthy of note. Bind Monster is very solid, especially for dealing with high health monsters that can really cause early game headaches.


The best card in the set? Perhaps.

The final card, Rite of Seeking, is stellar but requires some finesse. Using it on action one is setting yourself up for a bad time, and even on action two it becomes a bit questionable. However, being able to pick up two clues in a single action while also allowing you to investigate using Willpower to me means that Mystic is now the most reliable solo class in the game.


Then we come to Survivor, which contains some much needed gas. Fire Axe is very interesting in that it can provide an enormous bonus to fight, but it’s not great in extended fights as its very draining on resources. It’s certainly a unique weapon at least, one which could become better if a low economy deck becomes a thing. Bait and Switch provides an effect not found elsewhere, allowing monsters to be moved around the board. This is especially powerful against non-Hunter monsters, as you can

Is this Wendy’s new best friend?

effectively strand them with this by moving them to a useless location. It can be very mission dependent, but I expect to be including this in many Survivor decks going forth.


Peter Sylvestre is a superb ally in the fight against Ancient Evils. Providing an Agility bonus and a repeatable Horror soak for such a cheap investment is amazing. The experienced version is even better, with both a Will and Agility bonus, as well as even more Horror soaking potential. I expect he will make a splash in Agnes builds as well (at least, the experienced version).

Kukri is yet another interesting weapon. I’m not too sure about it yet, and I doubt it will see play in solo. However, it is a reasonable inclusion for a secondary attacker, just in case the primary fighter is busy elsewhere. Nothing stellar, but not awful either.

That about wraps up my initial analysis of the Dunwich Legacy cards. Next time, join me as I start going through the new investigators that will be joining the fight soon enough. Until then, may your skill checks remain un-tentacled!

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3 thoughts on “Delve Too Deep File VII: The Dunwich Legacy

    1. Dunwich Legacy was a surprisingly underwhelming set for the investigators, especially Guardian and Seeker, who both got virtually no new toys (Shortcut and Strange Solution are alright to be fair). I think you’ll find that many people found a lot of the cards to be a little less exciting than they were hoping for.


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