Delve Too Deep File VI: Five Level Zeros

Welcome back to another instalment of Delve Too Deep. Now that we’ve finished looking at each of the core set investigators, it’s time to look forward to the upcoming expansion: The Dunwich Legacy. Whilst not all the cards have been spoiled and thus we’re going to be working with incomplete data, there is one bit of information we know for certain from the next expansion: each investigator is able to play any five level zero cards from outside of their class.

Thus, today I will be exploring a few options for the new investigators that I believe will be very powerful; these are the kinds of cards that almost any of the new investigators will benefit from.

Staple Cards

There are a few cards in that game that can absolutely define your role in the party, or are even just individually powerful enough to warrant consideration into your build. Here, I’m going to name a few standouts that I believe will be worthy of inclusion into the new characters, depending on how it is you choose to play them.

Machete: Arguably the best weapon in the game at the AHC01_20.jpgmoment. +1 Combat and +1 damage for a one handed weapon with unlimited use is a huge boon, and it’s hard for characters without access to Guardian to gain such a consistent weapon. The Baseball Bat is more powerful, but has the disadvantage of consistently breaking, as well as the fact that it takes up a second hand. It’s a consideration, but I believe the Machete will be the weapon of choice for any character looking to be able to fight.


AHC01_48.jpgLeo De Luca: The ally slot is a tough one, with steep competition in it. However, Leo De Luca offers an ability that nothing else in the game can (except “Skids”); extra
actions. Sure, you get action economy out of other allies and cards, but they’re not as flexible as a pure extra action. Being able to fight four times in a round, or even investigate four times, is a huge benefit. There are many, many options that Leo affords you as an ally, and I suspect many slower decks that try to transition into a “carry” will be hard pressed to find a better splash.



Dr. Milan Christopher:  While not for everyone, the good doctor provides you with immense economy (both resource and action) if you’re intending on investigating multiple times in a round. Combine with Flashlight (or Magnifying Glass, if you really wish) to become a clue gathering machine.



Scrying: Considering that the Arcane slot goes completely AHC01_61.jpg
unused unless you’re playing Mystic, Scrying has no competition for equipment slot, and provides unmatched control of your fate (especially in solo play). I expect this will be the first card I include in many of my solo decks using the new characters.




Lucky!: I’m of the opinion that events will generally be ahc01_80weaker includes than assets because assets allow you to create engines, whereas events tend to be neat once off abilities. However, Lucky! warrants a message purely because sometimes it just saves your skin. The value of being able to guarantee those crucial skill checks cannot be understated. I don’t expect to include this often, but it’s undeniably handy.



Hyperawareness/Physical Training/Hard Knocks/Arcane Studies/Dig DeepIn some of the more carry style late-game decks (or any deck that can generate absurd economy), being able to cover all four stats by splashing one of these will be powerful. Survivor is the only faction that gets shafted, as they will require a double splash to cover all four. That said, these are really only for the superhero decks that want to cover everything; generally, there are better options, but having access to all four stats is worth mentioning.AHC01_45.jpg

Burglary: For any investigator that has decent intellect (3+ is okay, but 4+ is gravy), this splash allows you to generate an awesome economic engine. Being able to splash this and Dr. Milan will turn any class into a money generating machine, and I expect that Rex will be absolutely absurd with this. Being able to generate four resources AND potentially pick up a clue in one action? Yes please!



I’ll leave it there for today, as a lot of this is pure speculation. However, I personally am looking forward to all of these new combinations I’ll be able to play, and all the adventures and mysteries that await each of these investigators in the Dunwich Legacy.

What cards/combinations are you most looking forward to playing together? Which investigator excites you guys the most? Let me know in the comments and, until next time, thanks again for reading and joining me on Delve Too Deep.

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6 thoughts on “Delve Too Deep File VI: Five Level Zeros

    1. Sure thing; it means a character who generally starts off a bit slower but can snowball into being able to handle most things once they have the correct assets. It’s a term that comes from online MOBA games like DOTA and League of Legends, referring to characters who are very item dependant, but become extremely powerful after getting what they need.


  1. Good article!
    Maybe next time you could include a paragraph with a sample build or more in-depth usage samples based on the new investigators.
    Anyway, great quality writing. Keep them coming pls 🙂


    1. Thank you! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

      Normally, I do include sample builds, but only if I’m reviewing an investigator. I will take your feedback into account though! Thank you! 🙂


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