Delve Too Deep File IV: Daisy Walker

Hey guys! This article has come back from being lost in time and space, and I’m ready to share it with you again. Note, however, that this article was originally written in the context of the Core Set only so as to make it fit in with the other articles in the series, and so it will be restored thusly. I will do an update of the core set investigators (and others) after a few more packs are out.

blog-stuffΒ Notable Strengths of Daisy

With an enormous Intellect 5, Daisy is able to easily investigate pretty much every location in the game without any other kind of assistance. No other investigator in the game comes close to Daisy’s naturally high intellect, making her the undisputed queen of clue gathering.

Daisy’s best friend.

Her ability to take an extra ability per turn as long as it’s from a tome is her other defining feature. While “Skids” is a bit more flexible in what he can do with his extra action, he must also purchase them. On the other hand, Daisy comes with it inherently, and the ability will only become stronger and stronger as more tomes are released. She already has some solid options!

The class combination of Seeker/Mystic makes for a great supporting character, with the ability to cancel encounter cards, manipulate the encounter deck, heal or provide cards to others, and even more! There is no better supporting character than this librarian!

Notable Weaknesses of Daisy Walker

Of course, being a supporting character makes Daisy extraordinarily poor at soloing. Her lack of any sort of combat means she must flee from monsters when they appear, but her Agility is also weak, meaning she can’t evade them should they appear! This can cause her great difficulties if there is a monster which must be defeated.

On top of that, her health is an abysmal 5, meaning that she really doesn’t have very long to escape from monsters should they appear. Studying all day is, as it turns out, not great for your physical qualities.

Daisy also suffers from a rather underwhelming signature card. Granting her extra hand slots is nice, but it’s rare that you’ll actually need them. Sure, it’s good to have the options of which Tomes to hold, but there isn’t much competition…at least, not yet.

Build Path: Knowledge is Power

Investigator/Signature Cards
Daisy Walker
Daisy’s Tote Bag
The Necronomicon

2 Old Book of Lore
Medical Texts
Research Librarian

2 Magnifying Glass
2 Dr Milan Christopher
2 Scrying
2 Holy Rosary

2 Unexpected Courage
2 Perception
2 Guts
2 Deduction

2 Mind Over Matter
2 Working A Hunch
2 Ward of Protection
2 Emergency Cache

There’s nothing overly tricky about this deck; you’re using your inherently high Intellect in order to investigate as quickly as you can, while being sure to use your other actions either healing your fellow investigators with Medical Texts, giving them knowledge with the Old Book of Lore, and/or manipulating the top of the encounter deck using Scrying.

One of my favourite cards in the game; why not make a profit while you’re doing what you’re supposed to?

Your entire job is to gather clues; to do so, you have Working a Hunch and Deduction to help suck them up faster, as well as Magnifying Glass and Dr Milan Christopher to help you gather them even more consistently. The faster you gather up the necessary clues for the mission, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to avoid all the bad stuff that tends to happen as the agenda deck advances.

Once you’ve gotten some experience, your early investments should be into one or two Encyclopedias; this gives you even more options to support other players, making them even better at what they need to do. Afterwards, be sure to grab Cryptic Research to make your support role even stronger; by sticking with a friend, you can allow them to find the tools they need even faster! Just be careful about drawing into those horrible weaknesses…

For the above, I’d probably first cut Mind Over Matter (it’s not overly necessary, unless you don’t have dedicated fighters), an Old Book of Lore and Fearless. Disc of Itzamna and Bulletproof Vest are other solid options, especially if you’re finding monsters to be the major issue. Both of these items, as well as Level 2 Magnifying Glass, are neat extras for later though.


Daisy is a character that thrives with friends around. While she may flounder and be devoured if she’s by herself, there’s nobody else you’d rather have supporting you than this bookworm. Access to card draw, stat boosting, healing and encounter deck manipulation makes her an astounding helper, and her unparalleled investigative ability speaks for itself.

Overall, Daisy is an extremely solid choice for any team. I wouldn’t play her on her own unless I was looking for a challenge, but she fills an important role in team games. I think she’ll always be a welcome face at the table. What do you guys think? Am I right in saying that Daisy struggles a fair bit in solo play, while being amazing in team play? Let me know what you think, and until next time, may your skill checks remain untentacled!

*all images courtesy of and Fantasy Flight Games


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  1. I follow this site with a RSS reader, and what appears to be the original text of this post (complete with graphics) still appears in my post listings. I am happy to send you the post dumped into a Microsoft Word file if you wish- just drop me an email.

    Enjoy the site, it’s great!


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